Newmarket is a town of roughly 9000 residents, located south of Durham, north of Exeter & Newfields and west of Portsmouth & Newington. It sits on the Great Bay Estuary & the Lamprey River runs through its center. Because of its location along the river, Newmarket has developed from a sawmill town in its early history to a successful textile industry and new venture high tech company town. It is also close to University of New Hampshire located in neighboring Durham, making Newmarket a home to professors and students attending UNH. Newmarket has its own public school system, with K-5 attending Newmarket Elementary School and 6-8, 9-12 attending Newmarket Junior/Senior High School.  The real estate market is favorable, ranging from affordable condominiums and smaller homes to luxury waterfront homes along Lamprey River & Great Bay.  Its downtown is growing and is worth the trip to experience what Newmarket has to offer.  Combining historic mill buildings with updated modern architectural features, the downtown area is walkable with restaurants, shops, parks and entertainment

Walking, Biking & Driving

NH Routes 108 and 152 run through Newmarket and make driving hassle-free. Newmarket has numerous public open parks, trails and recreation areas throughout the area, including Schanda Park, Schultz Place near downtown Newmarket, Heron Park, Sewall Farm & Lita Lane, Durrell Woods, Sliding Rock Conservation Area, and Wiggin Farm/Tuttle Swamp to name a few.

The Scene

Newmarket is a scenic mill town. Take a walk along Main Street adjacent to Lamprey River and find great shops and restaurants like Joinery, Big Bean Café and Oak House. The Stone Church is just off Main Street and is a popular music venue known throughout the Seacoast area. Local brewery, Deciduous Brewing Company, is also located downtown. There are numerous recreational trails and parks in Newmarket to enjoy, as well as a public golf course at Rockingham Country Club. More than all of this, Newmarket is a community driven town, with a highly active recreation department and town events like the Lamprey River Splash and Dash and Paddle Palooza Parade, with paddleboarders and kayakers participating in a parade by water along the downtown area. They also have festive events around every holiday, a summer concert series, and overall a tightly-knit local community.


Newmarket was incorporated in 1727, and separated from town of Exeter in 1737. It probably was named for Newmarket in Suffolk, England. The mill buildings in its downtown are included in the National Register for Historic Places. In the 1970s, Timberland, the shoe manufacturer, started its business in one of the mill buildings in here and has drawn numerous other larger businesses to the area.