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Our Agents

Michael Swant

Broker | ME
[email protected]

Cell: (207) 337-2676

Direct: (207) 251-4762 ext. 705

Kimberly Wade

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 969-9115

Direct: (603) 501-0463 ext. 709

Krissy Couch

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: 617-895-9135

Direct: 603-501-0463 ext. 713

Mariah G. Erikson, Esq.

Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 465-1013

Direct: (207) 251-4762 ext. 701

George Wilson

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: 207.251.2941

Direct: 207.251.4762 ext. 706

Keith Doucet

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 534-4296

Direct: (603) 501-0463 ext. 704

Chris Erikson, Esq.

Principal/Owner | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 930-4470

Direct: (207) 251-4762 ext. 700

Michael Jones

Broker | ME
[email protected]

Cell: (207) 513-0311

Direct: (207) 251-4762 ext. 702

Dick Wickert

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: 207.641.9164

Direct: 207.251.4762 ext. 708

Susan DeQuattro

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (207) 450-5038

Direct: (207) 251-4762 ext. 712

Nicole Benevento

Marketing Director | NH,ME
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 686-2639

Direct: (207) 251-4762

Josh Mirick

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (207) 475-6561

Direct: (207) 703-0813 ext. 710

Shawn Curtis

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 815-2197

Direct: (603) 501-0463 ext. 706

Shannon White

Broker/Assoc.Broker | NH,ME
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 833-5561

Direct: (603) 501-0463 ext. 714

Richard Pope

Broker | ME
[email protected]

Cell: (207) 251-3219

Direct: (207) 251-4762 ext. 704

Anne Young

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | NH,ME
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 498-4808

Direct: (603) 501-0463 ext. 708

Christine Diehl

Associate Broker | ME
[email protected]

Cell: (207) 451-7496

Direct: (207) 251-4762 ext. 703

Troy Finn

Broker | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 815-2020

Direct: (603) 501-0463 ext. 703

Paul Salacain

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected] 

Cell:  207.332.6606

Direct: 207.251.4762 ext. 707

Priscilla Ford

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (207) 752-4446

Direct: (207) 703-0813 ext. 711

Jen Seabrooke

Assoc.Broker/Salesperson | ME,NH
[email protected]

Cell: (603) 498-1759

Direct: (603) 501-0463 ext. 711

My wife and I have moved nine (9) times throughout my career.  Recently, we decided to move to Maine.  The best decision I made was to select the Aland Realty Group to help us find the right home to meet our needs.  Chris Erikson is the very best realtor that we have ever had the pleasure of working with for any of our moves.

- David P.

Chris was incredibly helpful and patient with me when searching for a home. The process of bidding and closing on my home was made infinitely easier and more clear due to Chris’ dedication. He was a true advocate. I have and would recommend Chris when searching for real estate.

- Sam L.

Having worked with Chris Erikson and his team on both a personal and professional level, I can wholeheartedly recommend them to any of my friends, family, or clients. From home search through the closing, the mutual clients we have worked with have raved about the service, expertise, and care they were provided in the homebuying process working with the Aland Realty Group. They are local experts in the greater seacoast/southern Maine region – and at a time when the real estate market in these areas is moving as fast and is as competitive as it is right now, home buyers and sellers need to work with a team that excels the way that Chris and his team do.

- Ben B.

After an exhaustive search for a home, in Southern Maine, without success, our hopes began to diminish. Thankfully, we found Aland Realty and Chris Erikson. His encouragement and knowledge of the marketplace provided my wife and I the opportunity, which fit our plan perfectly. I would highly recommend to all that they engage with Chris. He has a wonderful combination of quality of character and work ethic which made our dream come true. Today, Perkins Cove is our back yard!

- Robert P.

Words cannot even express how amazing Team Wilson Aland Realty is. The team from the start listened to me and my needs and made it happen without stress. We ended up selling above asking and within a couple of days of listing. We are still working with them as we move into our next adventure of building a new home. Thank you for all you do Team Wilson!

- Carey J.

Chris was a pleasure to work with!  We felt we had his full attention, and he listened to what we were looking for and took the time to show us a number of properties on the computer before actually heading out to look at some.  In the negotiations he could not have been more helpful.  He was always responsive and made us feel comfortable calling him at any time with questions.

- Rosemary & Kevin M.

My wife and I owned a unique, large and fairly expensive parcel of land with water features in the area. We had previously listed the parcel with one of the larger agencies and quite frankly not much happened. Not much happened until that is, we found George Wilson from Aland Realty. George seems to know everyone as well as having a great deal of experience. He also has a casual, comforting manner and everyone likes him from the potential buyers to the town officials. Within a short time George found a stream of potential buyers. After the buyer was found George was assisted in the sale by his co-agent and friend Paul Salacain. Paul was excellent in the detail work and also a pleasure to work with. The two complimented each other. Finally the co-owner of the company Chris Erikson was always available to answer any other questions we might have had. The sale was completed with happy sellers and happy buyers. This is an excellent company and worthwhile of your serious consideration for any of your real estate needs. In my opinion this company and our agents, George Wilson and Paul gave us a 110% of their effort in helping us achieve our goals and sell our property.

- Richard P.

Susan helped us with the daunting task of relocating and downsizing. She was very pateint with us as we tried to focus in on what we were looking for. I can’t say enough on her responsiveness to any and all homes we thought we may like ot see. Finally we found the perfect fit and negotiations were easy. I would recommend her for anyone moving to the York area!

- Nancy

The Aland Realty Group is amazing! Extremely professional, accommodating, knowledgeable and trust worthy. Throughout our home buying search, my mind was put at ease with our realtor, Chris. What a refreshing experience! I would refer The Aland Realty Group to anyone in the market for their next Seacoast NH, Coastal Maine (and surrounding towns) home.

- Jess K.

After a very long, multi year search for just the right property and location in Wells Beach, Michael Jones alerted us that the perfect home was coming on the market. We were there first and seal the deal! The process was seamless and professionally conducted. Four years later, I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Michael.

- Nancy W.

My wife and I have moved nine (9) times throughout my career.  Recently, we decided to move to Maine.  The best decision I made was to select the Aland Realty Group to help us find the right home to meet our needs.  Chris Erikson is the very best realtor that we have ever had the pleasure of working with for any of our moves.

- David P.