A Guide to an Eco-Friendly Home

April 22, 2019 / Home, Renovation


In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve pulled together a quick list of resources that share ideas about how to create a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly home.



These are local resources that outline various programs and incentives focused on saving energy in your home. From lighting, appliances, heating, cooling, weatherizing and more – they help inform you on what to use, tips for maintenance, and even rebate opportunities!  






This is a government website similar to the two mentioned above, with abundant resources and educational materials for homeowners, builders, landscapers – really anyone can benefit from referencing this site.





This site has many functions, including home shopping, advice, articles, and even a database of professionals to help with various projects. The search function is easy to use and makes it effortless to find an assortment of tips on green living:


>> HOUZZ.COM – Eco Friendly Search

>> HOUZZ.COM – Energy Efficient Search

>> HOUZZ.COM – Sustainable Home Search



This website isn’t just focused on creating a green home – it has lifestyle tips that you can reference for a more holistic approach to eco-friendly living. Even if you’re not ready to adjust all facets of your life, there are many strategies listed here that you can utilize in a way that fits your unique goals.