Seacoast Spring Cleaning Checklist

March 29, 2019 / Home, Selling



Spring is here! It’s our favorite time of the year to open up our windows and spruce up our homes. We’ve created a brief checklist for our friends on the Seacoast, but you can find even more ideas from here: March List | April List


1. Schedule your first tick/bug spray treatments soon! Ticks are especially worrisome in spring and fall so get ahead of them and spray early.  


2. Check window and door screens for holes or frame damage and replace them before it gets warm to avoid unwanted visits from mosquitoes and flies.


3. If you have central air in your home that needs a tune-up, contact your AC repairman early before the first hot day arrives to avoid delays – aim for early April!


4. Look at the exterior of your home and evaluate ways to improve its appearance, especially if you’re considering selling. A buyer’s first opinion is formed by the exterior of your home. Depending on wear-and-tear, it may help to wash or refinish siding, repave the driveway, paint or replace doors, update shutters, and of course – landscaping!


5. Put winter gear into storage and bring out your summer supplies (sandals, beach bags, towels, etc.). If you have a designated mudroom area in your home, it can help to store these seasonal items in containers that can be switched out easily.


6. Organize the garage – put away snow blowers, shovels, salt and gas – and make spring gardening and summer supplies more accessible.


7. Clean off patio furniture or replace old furniture that was accidentally left outside for the winter (we’re guilty!). Look for deals online at Home Depot and Target!


8. Get rid of clutter and old paperwork leftover from tax season and the winter. Start a “paperwork” bin that coordinates with home decor that’s easily accessible to avoid future buildup.


9. Tuck away heavy quilts and replace them with lighter throw blankets. While you’re at it, do an inventory of your pillows: toss any that look beyond repair and wash the others. If you’re looking to add some spring color, you can find affordable (and cute) options at HomeGoods and TJ Maxx!


10. If you’re planning to sell your home, start simplifying your spaces by putting away personal items, photos, excess decorations, and other items that you wouldn’t want in pictures or visible at an open house. It can also help to replace dark and heavy curtains with lighter materials to ensure optimal natural light throughout your home.


As always, we’re happy to help answer any questions that you may have – just let us know!