Start Your Spring Cleaning Early

March 15, 2019 / Home, Home Decor, Interior Design



Spring will be here soon (we promise) but it isn’t quite time to open our windows and tackle those outdoor projects. Make the most of these last days indoors by starting your spring cleaning early. Get a jump-start on the tasks that you can do inside and you’ll have more time to spend outside once the warmer days arrive!


Chances are you won’t want to spend time cleaning your closet once the spring weather is here. Take the time now to clear out anything you haven’t worn this winter and items you’re not-so-excited to put back on your hanger for the warm months ahead (make Marie Kondo proud!). Donate anything that’s in good shape, or look into selling some items at local consignment stores or through online sites like Poshmark and ThredUp. Check out some closet cleaning tips from Who What Wear here!


Our bathroom vanities can get a little messy and are often overlooked during routine cleaning sessions. Old bottles, misplaced supplies, travel toiletries and various other products can build-up and become unorganized over time. Spend an afternoon and sort through your bathroom storage areas. Put your most-used items in easily accessible spots and consider what can be stored elsewhere if not used daily. Explore some bathroom organization advice from The Spruce here!


Now is a great time to take inventory of your pantry and spice cabinets. Consider new organizational techniques, like using labeled jars and containers for grains, nuts, cereals, tea and coffee. Use a tiered shelf or a rotating rack for easier access to spices. While you’re at it, look through your cookware and utensil draws to see if those need sprucing too! Get some kitchen organization ideas from Houzz here!


Once you get these projects out of the way, you’ll feel accomplished and ready to tackle spring projects when the time is right. Check back soon for a spring cleaning checklist to get your home looking great (especially important if you’re looking to sell)! For personalized tips on getting your home ready to sell, send us a note at [email protected].



Happy cleaning!