Make the Most of Small Spaces | Superbowl Edition

February 01, 2019 / Interior Design


It’s here, New England’s favorite holiday: the Super Bowl! Everyone is looking forward to seeing our favorite team back at it again.  But if you’re hosting the big event, your game-day anxiety might be here early. How many people are coming over…?” Big parties in small spaces can be a challenge, but with a little prep you can focus on what’s important: the commercials (kidding).


Create an accident-free space

You’ve spent a lot of time on your home decor, and you should show it off — another time. Put decorations away, hide your vases, move the plants, and put lamps a safe distance away from flying elbows. Make room for you guests to easily put down their food and drinks when they’re ready to cheer (or yell at the referee).


Keep the Goods Within Reach

Limit the need for getting up and shuffling around by placing food and drinks in easily accessible places. Stick a cooler of drinks front-and-center, along with some easy-eating snacks on your coffee table or on an ottoman tray. If you have a drink cart, stock it with cans, cups, and treats!


Get Creative with Seating

Toss blankets and throw pillows on the floor, or lay down a comforter for extra cushion. Bring over seats from other areas of your home, or use outdoor patio and beach chairs if you have some on hand. You could even make a quick bench with a wood plank and milk crates. No standing needed (unless pacing is your thing).


Sometimes a trade-off for living in a great location can mean choosing a smaller home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be everything you need it to be! Check back for other ideas on making the most out of small spaces.