Shop Local | Small Business Saturday

November 21, 2018 / Local News, Uncategorized



Black Friday: Some of you love it for the great discounts and blowout sales, and others may be avoiding the chaos entirely. We certainly appreciate a good deal, but what we LOVE even more is Small Business Saturday, which falls each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This is the day when consumers are encouraged to shop at locally owned small businesses in their town.


Local businesses are increasingly feeling the pressure from online retail competition (hi, Amazon). With the ease, access, and efficiency of online shopping, it’s hard to avoid it these days. However, there are many benefits to shopping locally that are often overlooked. Here are a few:

Locally Owned

Locally owned small businesses are just that – owned by locals in your community. Although prices of goods may be a little higher to keep up with the rental or purchase of the brick-and-mortar storefront, you’ll feel good knowing that your purchase is going to help keep that business in operation and put food on the table for their family.

Keeps Funds Local

Additionally, when consumers shop within their town, it keeps more funds in the neighborhood rather than sending money out of the community. When there is more money in circulation, it strengthens the economy, and can even lead to more local job opportunities from businesses being able to afford more employees.

Unique & Personal Offerings

Many small businesses offer items that are handmade from other local artisans and craftsmen. They’re more likely to stock their shelves from suppliers in the area, which leads to even more money circulating within the community. Also, you’re likely to find something more personal and unique than what’s available at larger retail chains.

Spending Time Together

The act of leaving your home (and screen) to go shopping with friends and family is a great way to have fun together, an activity that is lost when shopping online. Making a social event out of browsing your local shops can lift your spirits and give you an opportunity to spend time with someone you care about. So, go make some plans and get out there!