DIY Thanksgiving Décor | Use What You Have

November 16, 2018 / Home Decor, Uncategorized


There are many creative ways to use items that you already have inside (or outside) of your home when planning your Thanksgiving decorations. These ideas are not only affordable, but they also double as fun crafting activities to share with your friends and family.


Brown Bag Leaves: Cut out paper leaves using brown lunch or grocery bags. Ask your guests to write what they are thankful for on them, and encourage them to put their leaves on a table or throughout the house for everyone to see!


Drinkware Decor: Use wine glasses or mason jars as decorative candle centerpieces.

>> We love this one from that uses rosemary and cranberries.


The Season of Plaid: Use a plaid scarf as a table runner or cut an old plaid shirt into strips for napkin ties or ribbon around candles.


Bring the Outdoors In: Collect colorful fallen leaves as décor on tables, in vases, and more.

>> Find over a dozen ideas here on


Berries & Bottles: If you have a winterberry or holly bush nearby, cut a few branches and stick them in empty wine bottles as an alternative to buying flowers.


Tin Can Tricks: Tin can decorations are trendy, easy, and have endless possibilities. For Thanksgiving, we love the idea of using them as utensil holders. Decorate with ribbon, burlap, or cover with fabric!

>> There’s a great tutorial here on that helps walk you through the process.


We would love for you to share your holiday DIY craft ideas with us, or any pictures of your own creations! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!