Homework Help | Creating Focus Spaces in Your Home

September 27, 2018 / Interior Design, Interior Design, Real Estate, Renovation, Renovation


Kids are back in school and backpacks are filling up with books, permission slips, and of course – homework! Study time looks different for every family, and varies by age, personality, and even home layout. Wherever your student’s designated homework space is, there are tips you can follow to enhance their focus and productivity, especially in this age of digital distractions!


It can be challenging to get kids to pay attention to their studies with distractions around them, such as toys, television, ipads and digital devices, or even other family members. Utilize storage to keep their favorite things out-of-sight, especially when they’re young. For teens, consider having a designated homework computer with popular social media sights blocked to reduce distracted browsing. If your student is often curious about other things going on at home, it may help to play soft, instrumental music on speakers or via headphones to drown out family conversations and outside noise. Lastly, it’s important to make sure their space is comfortable. Adjusting their chair, table, and computer monitor height to properly fit them can help reduce fidgeting and improve their posture.  


Wherever their go-to homework space is, that’s where all of their tools should be. Pencils, rulers, calculators and whatever else they need should all have a home in one spot that’s easily accessible for them. If their desk doesn’t have drawers, consider in-reach shelves or hanging baskets. We also like the idea of having a “backpack box” where their backpack lives, making it always easy to find.


Getting your child involved in creating their homework space will make it feel more personal and exciting. Have them pick out a couple fun pencils, sticky-notes or some stationary. If they have someone in their life that they look up to or who inspires them, find a creative way to display their picture or a decorative quote from them (even if it’s a superhero). Hang up goal charts, daily reminders, and other motivational pieces to keep them eager and on-track.


Study spots don’t have to be boring – this article from Thespruce.com is full of clever ways to utilize different spaces in your home: 20 Homework Station Ideas for Kids and Teens.  We love the idea of converting nooks, spare rooms, and even closets into functional, creative work spaces. It might even give you ideas for a home office!



If your family is working, studying, paying bills and eating dinner all at one table, it might be time to rethink your space (or your home)! Give us a call if you’re thinking of upgrading your home or moving to a bigger one!