Favorite Farmers’ Market Finds

August 09, 2018 / Local News


In celebration of National Farmers’ Market Week, we’re sharing some information about local farmers’ markets in the area, along with some of our favorite things to look for while you’re there!

Our Favorite Finds


Markets are a great place to stock up on your produce for the week while supporting local farmers. Cooking fresh meals at home is a great way to bring friends and family together and use your kitchen at home.

Tip: Ask the stand reps for preparation tips and recipe ideas, and don’t be afraid to ask about something that looks new to you!



Many markets sell beautifully assembled bouquets that are more unique than your average grocery store arrangement.  Floral arrangements are one of our favorite ways to bring life to the interior of your home, while not breaking a budget and adding a freshness to any space, especially if your home is for sale!

Tip: Trim excess leaves from the stems to prevent them from rotting in the water and to better fit the bundle in your vase.



Farmers’ markets are a great place to find local syrup, honey and jams, as well as freshly made baked goods and meals.

Tip: Look to see if a vendor is selling local cheeses – these pair great with a sweet spread!



At the beginning of the season, you can often find a variety of starter plants for vegetables and herbs. These are great ways to expand your home garden and refresh your landscaping.

Tip:  Ask the experts for care instructions and advice, especially if you’re new to gardening.



Some local artisans attend markets to sell their creations, such as candles, soaps, pottery, and jewelry.

Tip: These make great gifts that you can buy ahead of time for friends and loved ones for a housewarming gift or other occasions.


There are so many things to love about farmers’ markets– the best part being that you’re helping support your local community. 


local market details


Dover: Wednesdays | 2:15 to 6pm | June 6 to October 3 | 550 Central Ave


Wells: Wednesdays| 1:30 to 5pm | May 23 to October 17 | 270 Post Road


Kennebunk: Saturdays | 8am to 1pm | May 5 to November 19 | 1 Junkins Ave


Portsmouth: Saturdays | 8am to 1pm | May 5 to November 3 | 1 Garden Street


York: Saturdays | 9am to 1pm | May 26 to October 6 | 1 Stonewall Lane


Kittery: Sundays | 10am to 2pm | June 3 to October 7 | 10 Shapleigh Road