Decorating Your Home To Sell

September 27, 2016 / Selling

FOR SALE: 12 Pine Hill Road N, York ME $765,000

FOR SALE: 12 Pine Hill Road N, York ME $765,000

Because most buyers and sellers first look for their next homes online, the importance of making a great first impression through professional photographs of your home cannot be emphasized enough.  Decorating your home to photograph well is equally as important.  Realty Times posted a fantastic and insightful article about how to decorate your home to sell.  It boils down to 3 easy steps: make your home look bigger, make it look updated, and show off your home’s best features.

Make It Look Bigger

The adage, “Less is More,” applies here.  Too much furniture, too many knick knacks and general clutter make spaces look smaller and cramped.  Buyers want to see open floor plans, with lots of space.  Try moving furniture around and clearing off kitchen and dining room counters.  The more you make it easier for buyers to picture their stuff in place of your stuff, the more likely it is they will schedule a showing and want to see your home in person.

Make It Look Updated

This doesn’t have to mean major renovations.  Fresh coats of (neutral) paint, tearing wallpaper down, new hardware on cabinets and light fixtures, new bedding (that you can take with you to your next home!), window shades, and old furniture are just a few updates you can do at relatively low costs.

Show Off Your Home’s Best Features

Do a scan of your entire house and find the best, most appealing features of your home.  Hidden fireplaces, hardwood floors hiding under old carpet, big windows covered by heavy drapery — all of these can be removed to show off features that modern buyers are seeking.

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