10 Keys to Buying Your Dream Home

August 17, 2016 / Buying

You know that “dream” home you have been creating in your head for years, but convinced yourself that it is either out of your price range or simply does not exist?  Now is the time to stop dreaming and start searching for it because it does exist, and in this market, you would be surprised to learn that it may be within your price range.  Finding that perfect home for you and your family can be tough if you have a long must-have list, but it is possible!  Start by reading the following 10 keys to finding the home of your dreams, brought to you by freshome.

  • Make a wish list of FEATURES YOU LOVE, then rank them from most important to least important. It will be very unlikely to find a home that meets everything on your list. This will help to narrow down your must-haves and get a baseline of what the rest of the family desires in the new dream home.
  • Think about the AREA & NEIGHBORHOOD you would like to be in, while also considering property taxes. Do you want an escape from the city or do you want to be right in the action with coffee shops and stores at your fingertips? Spend time in the neighborhood at all hours of the day to really get to know the area.
  • The LOCATION & SIZE of the property will never change no matter how much you do on the house. Make sure you like the lot size and what it has to offer. Remember, “location, location, location.”
  • You will want to consider the AGE OF THE HOME. Buying an older home can have pros and cons, and so can a brand new home. Make sure you know how old you want your dream home to be and let your agent know.
  • The STYLE & TYPE of your dream home is important. You want to love the aesthetic of your property and feel proud to drive up to it every day. While it may be possible to change the style of the home by renovations, neighborhood style should also be taken into account because that is something that you will not be able to change.
  • Know how much SQUARE FOOTAGE you actually need and can handle. Plan for your future when looking at the size and space in the home.
  • Never forget about the LAYOUT in the home. Some things can be changed easily, but others cannot. Taking out a wall could cause a lot of rerouting of electrical, plumbing, support beams, etc. If you want a specific layout, take that into account when looking at homes.
  • Consider the number of PROJECTS & FIXES you want to do or can handle. You do not want to get stuck biting off more than you can chew with a fixer-upper. Also, remember that it might not be a fast fix.
  • Make a clear BUDGET that you are comfortable with. With this key factor, you must be honest with yourself and your agent so you can find a home that is within your means. If you plan on remodeling, take that into consideration as well.
  • Make a clear list of MUST-HAVES, but also items that you will be able to compromise on. Know that you will not be able to get everything on your must-have list, but you can get close. With some remodeling, you could get exactly what you want.

All things must be considered when buying your dream home. If it is not quite your dream home yet, you might be able to fix it up and get there within your budget. Understand what you want and need in a home, so your agent is prepared to find it for you. If you would like to read more or see the full article from freshome, click here.

Our brokers here at Aland Realty would love to assist you in this fun and exciting process. Feel free to contact us today to help you find your dream home or let us answer any questions you may have!