What to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Fixer Upper

July 27, 2016 / Buying

Knowing what to keep in mind when finding that cute house to fix up and turn into your dream home, especially when the budget is tight, is tough. We have outlined some major questions to ask yourself brought to you from houzz.com. These following questions will help to start planning for a fixer upper, while also considering the home’s history and charm.

  1. What is your budget to buy the home and handle a remodel? Know the must haves for your remodel and decisions that must be made to move forward in the process to keep to your budget.
  2. Is the home in a historical area? Designs and permits might be limited, it could take longer to get approved, and can be expensive in a historically protected neighborhood. Think about preserving the charm of your historic home and make sure you are following the neighborhood regulations.
  3. What is the weather like in the area? Remodel when the weather is the best, it will help to keep costs down. Also, consider different materials that can withstand the weather and elements.
  4. Does the house have good bones and foundation? These are projects that could cost a ton during the remodel. Find ways to upgrade the existing features because they will add to the home and be hard to replace.
  5. Is there lead-based paint in the home? This takes a professional and it takes time to remove. Make sure to take care of this as soon as possible so it is safe for everyone to work and live in the home.
  6. Has the house been checked for asbestos? This is more common in older homes and must be removed. Asbestos must be taken care of by a professional so the home is safe for current and future owners.
  7. What updates need to be made to the electrical wiring? Older wiring could cause a fire hazard or just be worn out. It could increase the value of the home to upgrade to new wiring, but it is an expensive project.
  8. Can the existing fixtures, tile, floors, finishes, etc. be reused in the remodel? Saving existing features in the remodel can save lots of money and can help with adding charm.
  9. Is the plumbing in good shape? If you are trying to budget on this project, keep the plumbing in the same location rather than rerouting. However, it is hard to add new plumbing to old plumbing.
  10. How is the landscaping? Curb appeal is important to add value to the home. Healthy greenery around the house is important to look at before buying the home, or plan to spend some of the budget on the landscaping.

If you would like to read more or see the full article from houzz.com, click here. Contact us today to help you find your dream fixer upper or let us answer any questions you may have about the buying process!