It’s Moving Day…UGH!

March 08, 2016 / Buying

FOR SALE: 133 Highland Avenue, Ogunquit, Maine

FOR SALE: 133 Highland Avenue, Ogunquit, Maine

We’ve been through more moves than you can count and lived through many moving horror stories.  We’re sure you have at least one “memorable” account to tell…did your movers dump all your stuff on your lawn?  Damage goods? Refuse to return your stuff?  Moving is never fun.  Making moving day(s) even more stressful with a bad moving company could lead to a version of you that your spouse, family and/or friends never knew existed.  Hopefully, this blog from can help you avoid bad moving companies!

1.  The price of this moving company is largely (20-30%) lower than competitor moving companies.

This may seem obvious, but when you feel like your pockets are burning holes in them from your recent home purchase, lease commitment, or expenses associated with moving, you may just fall into this trap of going with the cheapest moving company.  Don’t fall into the trap!

2.  The required deposit is high.

If the moving company requires 25% of the cost of the move or higher upfront, look elsewhere.  It is typical for moving companies to charge 10% of the move upfront in a deposit to cover their costs, but anything above that is suspicious.

3.  There’s very little information about the company

Check for a company’s Department of Transportation and State registration numbers.  If a company can’t prove it is registered at the state and federal levels, that’s not a good sign.  Also look for reviews or profiles of the moving company on the Better Business Bureau.  If there are neither of these, steer clear.  Negative online reviews are inevitable, so don’t just dismiss a moving company based off a couple of bad reviews, but certainly do your research online and verify the moving company.

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