What we (real estate agents) don’t do to our homes

October 21, 2015 / About Aland, Buying, Selling

Making your home feel like your own is important.  But for real estate agents, there are certain things that we veer away from changing or renovating in our own homes, thinking ahead to potentially putting a home on the market.  Here are a few of them and you can read more in depth about them by clicking here:

1.  A spacious walk-in closet: Instead of a large closet, swap that space for a larger en suite bathroom.  Buyers will appreciate it more!

2. Bold wall colors: Don’t do it!  While it makes a home unique, for future buyers, it’s hard for them to envision the potential of a space when there is a bright red or yellow paint on the wall.  Opt for more neutral colors.

3.  Swimming pool: Unless you’re a family with children, many buyers just see $$$ when they see a pool.  Filling it, maintenance fees and lack of use are often at the forefront of buyers’ minds.

4.  Creating a man-cave: This space could be better utilized for a garage or basement living area.  While you can still utilize a space for a man-cave, don’t convert it to such an extent that it would take serious effort to undo the man-cave.

5.  Getting creative with painting techniques: Wallpaper, no.  Zigzag patterns, no.  Buyers may walk in and just think “No, what were you thinking?”

6.  DIY projects: While it is satisfying to say you completed a home project by yourself, when it comes time to selling, those projects may look a little less satisfying or may need re-done.  Consider calling a licensed professional to help you complete home renovations or projects.

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