What Home Inspectors May Miss

July 01, 2015 / Buying

Zillow’s blog highlights 4 areas that home inspectors could miss when inspecting a home.  These are:

HVAC Deficiencies – Problems with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.  Home inspectors may not have time to run these systems long enough to discover problems.

Water Damage/Leaks – Home inspectors may turn on the faucets, but not have time to run them long enough or discover prior dried up leaks/damage that may be covered up with paint.

Environmental Toxins – Lead paint, asbestos and radon are toxins that pose health risks.  There are home radon test kits you can order and perform yourself, sending away for the results.  Radon can be present in a home regardless of home age, foundation type, location and heating systems.  Homes built prior to 1978 may contain lead paint or asbestos, so be sure to check the age of the home and request these tests be performed if applicable.

Blocked/Damaged Sewer Lines – A home inspector may not determine the structural integrity or condition of a sewer line on your property.  You are responsible for maintaining this line and be sure to request this be inspected in detail if the line is older than 20 years.

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